A dream comes true.

Tirogiro is the story of a dream: of a small child with a big dream to create a pair of soccer shoes exactly as he saw them in his mind’s eye. Colourful, fun, playful and, of course, providing outstanding performance.

That image never changed, and the wish remained the same: a small dream but a big idea.

This child’s dream has now come true thanks to the passion for sporting footwear shared by his dad, Stefano Contini. After developing the first sketches of that initial idea on paper, an equally enthusiastic friend - another dreamer - was brought on board. So, from the draft, a first prototype gradually takes shape, materials are researched, testing is carried out, and the necessary partnerships are forged.

This is how the simple dream but long-held idea of a child became a reality. And so it was, through the teaming of two people’s unwavering desire to follow their dreams, that Tirogiro was born: the indoor futsal shoe brand designed by Italian passion to be the very best.

And just in case you’re wondering about the origins of the name "Tirogiro” - turn and shoot in Italian - it’s the nickname the son coined for his signature trick shot. It was the perfect choice!